Braid Wood Cutting Crew Scout Weekends

Cutting Crew Scout Weekends at Braid Wood were introduced last year as an extension to the Sapling Service Crew. Scouts undertake a number of maintenance and woodland tasks and learn how to take care of and use equipment and chemicals. All jobs are carried out under supervision with appropriate tools. Scouts will also learn how a site such as Braid Wood operates and what is required to keep it available for use throughout the year. Tasks vary over the weekends dependent on what is required. Activities are logged and will lead to Scouts completing the Activity Centre Service and Forester badges. Weekends are also run under the Nights Away scheme.
This year’s weekends will be held on the 20-22 May, 17-19 June and 4-6 November from 6 pm Friday evening through to 5 pm Sunday afternoon but timings are flexible.
If your Scout Troop is interested in taking part in any of these weekends please contact County Office who will your pass details onto the organisers.