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Jamboree 2019,  24th World Jamboree, West Virginia, USA

 The next World Jamboree will take place in West Virgin USA at the Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve. The gathering of over 40,000 Explorer aged Scouts for 12 days of adventure from over 120 Countries.

A World Jamboree is not just a big camp – it is more than that. Those who have been to a World Scout Jamboree often find it difficult to describe what makes it special. It is possible to talk about the activities nd the ceremonies, the Sub Camp festivals and Unit life, but words cannot capture the essence of a Jamboree or what makes it different from any other event.

 The 24th World Scout Jamboree runs from the 22nd July – 2 August 2019. The Jamboree is being hosted by the Boy Scouts of America, Scout Canada and  Asociación de Scouts de México. The theme of the Jamboree is Unlock a New World.

World Scout Jamboree Stats…

  • SBR – Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve is a purpose built 10,600 acres scout site
  • It has an 18 acre open air stadium!
  • Longest combined zip lines in the world 5.5miles
  • Longest canoe course in the US, 9.5miles
  • 6 acre skate park
  • Largest man made outdoor climbing facility in the world

 A Jamboree Unit is made up of 36 young people and 4 leaders. The Scouts are split into Patrols of 9 overseen by a member of the Leader team. Buckinghamshire has 7 Patrols in two Units with the 8th Patrol coming from Hertfordshire.

 Follow the build up to the Jamboree with ‘Units 50’ & ‘Unit 51’

 August 2017 – Leader selection weekend took place back at the start of June with the Leaders completing various team building activities over the weekend as well as being interviewed. The Leadership teams have now been assembled.

Unit 50 – will be

  • Andrew Inkley (Vale of Aylesbury), Unit Leader
  • Jonathan Reynolds (Chiltern North)
  • Emily Yates (Milton Keynes)
  • Tricia Warwick (Woodlands)

 Unit 51 – will be

  • April Parrot (Chiltern North), Unit Leader
  • Abigail Rawlins (Chiltern North)
  • Jonathan Davies (Woodlands)
  • Michael Worthy (Hertfordshire)