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Without a team adult volunteers, Scouting ceases to function. Bucks Scouts already has over 1300 volunteers supporting  over 8500 youth members, but with Scouting continuing to grow, we're always looking for more!

Could this be you?

If you're a parent of a member, you've often seen your child's section team mentoring, demonstrating, teaching and herding up-to 24 young people at a time, and thinking "There's no way I could do that!". Yet every person who wears a volunteer uniform has had exactly the same conversation with themselves, and has now discovered that they can!

Being a volunteer is full of highs and lows...


  • Seeing 24 Beavers tie their first Reef Knot
  • Seeing 24 Cubs put up a tent without adult help
  • Seeing a patrol of Scouts return safely from their first hike
  • Meeting volunteers from across the county who're just like you and sharing knowledge
  • An AGM where you can report how successful your section has been this year
  • Your first camp
  • Your first camp on your own permit


  • Filling in your first accident form
  • Doing your first set of accounts as Treasurer
  • Having to report a safeguarding incident
  • Saying "goodbye" as they move onto the next section

The Highs are all your own doing, you did that. The Lows? Well, that's what training support and being part of a team helps with, because the lows should be short-lived.

Here is a short video from our current crop of volunteers about how volunteering is the best, most important thing in Scouting...

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As a volunteer in Scouting there are a number of tasks and roles that you can share your skills to support.

Whether that's frontline Section Leaders, directly supporting young people, as a Trustee within the governance layer that supports and, more importantly, enables young people to experience and achieve amazing things.

There is an opportunity there for you, no matter how much time you have to offer.

Nearly all of our volunteer roles require a Disclosure & Barring Service check to ensure you have not been barring from working with young people.

If you have something in your past your not proud of, that doesn't stop you working from young people, then please register your interest and have that conversation with us, because it may not prevent you from volunteering, but it may mean your role options may be limited, such as a CCJ that means you might not be able to volunteer for Treasurer.

As a volunteering in Scouting you will have available to you a number of training opportunities.

Section Leaders will work towards their Wood Badge, a historically important achievement in Scouting.

Most volunteers will be required to do First Response first aid course. For more information, please register your interest above and we're happy to have those conversations with you.

There are also a number of funded (partially or wholly) opportunities to become an instructor for an activity you would like to offer to youth members, such as Archery instructor, or Paddlesports.