Beavers 6-8

Beavers is currently the youngest section in Scouting, with the core age range between 6 years and 8 years, at which point they join Cubs. They will normally start in the school term of their 6th Birthday if there is a space available in a Colony.

Beavers: Where the Scouting Journey Starts

Beavers is often a series of Firsts for both the young person and their parents or carers. Whether it's making new friends, or the first Night Away from family, sleeping in tents with their fellow Beavers, and keeping everyone up until 2am.

Beavers is the most important section in Scouting, because it's where the #SkillsForLife  journey begins and a love of learning new things, new skills and new challenges can really take off.

Toasting your first marshmallow, on a fire you helped light, or showing your leaders the hobbies outside Scouting you have, and how passionate you are about them.

Scouting is a progressive system, as young people progress through Scouting, they gain more confidence and competence, and require progressively less supervision, but in Colonies ratios of 1:6 or better are used to deliver the programme in a safe, and well supervised environment, allowing young people to learn & grow ready for their next set of adventures in Cubs.

Below you'll find more information about Beavers....but first, a video from the current crop of Beavers across Bucks, about why Beavers is the best.

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What do Beavers wear?

Beaver uniform consists of a blue sweatshirt with your badges sewn on and a coloured scarf or 'necker’ to represent your local group. There are lots of other optional accessories you can wear such as hats, hoodies, navy blue trousers or shorts, if you’d like to. 

Why is uniform important?

Wearing a uniform is comfy and practical. It means you can run around and get messy without ruining your other clothes. It makes you feel part of a team. It means no one feels uncomfortable or left out. And it gives you a place to show off all the brilliant badges you earn.

Where can I buy it?

Uniform can either be bought from a local sscout shop. If you’re stuck, ask adult volunteers to tell you more about what to buy and where to buy it. If cost is an issue, they will be more than happy to help.

Here's where to sew on those badges...

  1. Wales Badge
  2. Group name tape
  3. Scotland/ Northern Ireland Badge
  4. District Badge
  5. County/ Area/ Region Badge
  6. Group badge (if not warn on scarf)
  7. Leadership stripe
  8. Union Flag
  9. Gallantry/ Meritorious Conduct awards
  10. Chief Scout's Award
  11. Challenge Awards
  12. Wales Badge
  13. Occasional Badges
  14. Joining in Awards
  15. Membership Awards
  16. Activity Badges and Staged Activity Badges
  17. Group Badge (if worn on scarf)

Explanation of Colonies and Lodges here