Cubs 8-10

Cubs builds on the skills learnt in Beavers, and has a core age of between 8 years and 10-10 and a half, at which point they join Scouts.

Cubs: Scouting Journey Continues

Cubs is the most important section in Scouting, it builds on the #SkillsForLife that a young person has learned. This can be within Beavers or skills they have learnt at home.

Cubs consolidates and builds confidence, and supports that important stage of development as young people start to find that sense of self, as they head towards Year 6.

Whereas they may have toasted a marshmallow, or done dough-twists in Beavers, Cubs will be expected to do more, such as cook a meal, or make the dough and then cook it.

All this is done in a safe supported ratios of 1:8(+1 leader in charge) so young people have slightly more independence in Scouting's progressive system, as they are readied for the next set of adventures in Scouts

Below you'll find more information about Cubs...but first, a video from the current crop of Cubs from across Bucks about why Cubs are the best.

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