Explorer Scouts is where Scouting excels, taking the confidence and competence that young people have gained through Beavers, Cubs and Scouts, and doing everything larger, longer and louder than the previous sections combined.

Explorers: Scouting Excellence

Explorer Scouts is the most important section in Scouting. It takes teenagers in one end, and produces well rounded, conscientious, community-spirited and independent (theoretically) adults at the end when they turn 18, and go off to employment, apprenticeships or further education.

Explorer Scouting rounds-off the journey that is started in beavers, whilst there is Network for when they turn 18, Network implements all the skills they developed from Beavers->Explorers.

There is a mountain of opportunities for Explorer Scouts to develop and challenge themselves:

  • Becoming a Young Leader
  • Chief Scout's Award Platinum & Diamond
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme
  • Queen's Scout Award (from 16 onwards)
  • Representing the UK at overseas events such as World Scout Jamboree, World Scout Moot and many more

Explorer Patrols will be expected to be largely self sufficient on camp, be able to organise, plan and execute hikes with minimal or remote supervision.

There share those skills with the younger sections through the Young Leader scheme, which helps train the Scout Leaders of the future.

All this helps towards employability when they head out to forge their own path in life.

Below you will find more information on Explorer Scouts...but first,a video from the current crop of Explorers from across Bucks about why Explorers are excellent.

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