Scouts 10-14

Scouts is middle of the Scouting journey from Beavers to Network and further consolidates and builds confidence and competence, as they build towards their Chief Scout's Gold Award, to be ready for Duke of Edinburgh Bronze when they leave at 14

Scouts: Where the Success Continues

Scouts is the most important section in Scouting building on the skills developed in Beavers and Cubs. Scouts is the first of the 4 year sections, which allows a longer period of skills mastery, and they will be, as a Patrol, expected to develop their capabilities and be able to pitch a tent, cook a meal and hike between waypoints with minimal, or remote, supervision.

Scouts range from 10-10 1/2 to 14, where they disappear off to Explorers, and will spend a large proportion of their time doing activities in Patrols (See Below), as with progression from Beavers to  Cubs, Scouts will be expected to, for example:

  • cook a three course meal, with a dietary balance and understand the nutritional values of the meal they serve.
  • Plan and execute a hike between two points, without getting unduly lost
  • Pitch and strike a camp, including tents, cooking equipment, personal gear with minimal supervision
  • Plan, budget and shop for, a weekend camp

No-one expects a 10yr old to do this right off the cuff, but the patrol system allows older scouts to peer educate younger scouts, under the supervision of the Scout leaders.

That is because Scouting is a progressive system, progressively more able, progressively more self sufficient.

Below you'll find more information about Scouts...but first, a video from the current crop of Scouts from across Bucks and why Scouts are the best.

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